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Overview Performance
As of November 17, 2017, values in USD

BMG BullionFund – Class F USD

BMG BullionFund provides investors with a convenient way of holding physical gold, silver and platinum in bullion form.

BMG BullionFund has a fixed investment mandate to purchase equal dollar amounts of each metal and to hold minimum of 95 percent of its assets in bullion. No derivatives, futures contracts, options or certificates are used, and BMG BullionFund does not rebalance its holdings or attempt to time the market.

As a result, BMG BullionFund’s assets are not dependent on anyone’s promise, representation or ability to perform. BMG BullionFund’s assets are not someone else’s liability.

Performance Overview Sheet

Fund Objective

The Fund’s objective is to provide a secure, convenient, low cost, medium-risk alternative for investors seeking bullion for capital preservation, capital appreciation, portfolio diversification and portfolio hedging.

Fund Strategy

BMG BullionFund is an open-end mutual fund trust with a fixed investment policy that requires it to purchase equal dollar amounts of uncompromised gold, silver and platinum bullion. The bullion is to be held in allocated, insured storage. No derivatives, futures contracts, options or certificates are used. The maximum cash component is five percent. The fund invests in a responsible manner and adheres to the “criteria for responsible investing.”

Risk Level:

The Fund is suitable for investors who have a medium risk tolerance.

When you invest in a Fund, the value of your investment can go down as well as up. The Fund Manager has rated this Fund’s risk as medium.

Quick Facts  
Date of Inception September 15, 2004
Net Assets $122,257,773
Assets – Class F $20,363,479
MER 1.88%
NAV per unit $8.13
Fund Code* BMG601
CUSIP 60039E207
ISIN CA60039E2078
*Available in Class A, F, G, E, S1, S2. Consult your advisor to determine which class is appropriate for you.

Minimum Investment $1,000
Management Fee 1.25%
Commission 0%
Subscription daily
Redemption daily
Fund Type open-end

Back Office  
Auditor BDO Canada LLP
Legal Counsel Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Trustee BMG Management Services Inc.
Custodian The Bank of Nova Scotia
Administrator RBC Investor Services

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