BMG Silver BullionFund

The BMG Silver BullionFund

Increase allocation, Enhance returns


If you are seeking silver bullion’s outperformance you can now take advantage of the BMG Silver BullionFund.

BMG Silver BullionFund | Increase Allocation, Enhance Returns

Why BMG Silver BullionFund Now?

Silver: The precious metal for uncertain times

  • Silver has demonstrated it can outshine gold’s price appreciation in times of financial market stress. From the start of 2008 to the end of 2010, the silver price rose 97.0%, while the gold price rose only 65.6%, (S&P 500 -14.3% and TSX -3.3%).

Silver: The bullion choice with surging demand

  • In 1996, total global silver bar and coin investment was only 23 million oz. Twenty years later, silver bar and coin investment has surged to 236 million oz.

Silver: Safe haven from negative interest rates

  • At $13.4 trillion of government bonds worldwide now offer yields below zero, and some analysts claim that Canada could impose negative interest rates in the next two years. Silver’s safe haven status offers negative correlation to both bond and stock market shocks.

Silver: Industrial demand constrains supply

  • An estimated 50% of silver is used in industrial applications (smartphones, solar panels, etc.) and unlike gold, silver is seldom recovered after use. This constrains available supply even as demand for investment bullion is increasing.

When added to BMG BullionFund or BMG Gold BullionFund, the new BMG Silver BullionFund can offer you an overall portfolio performance boost via increased allocation as bullion’s cyclical bull market re-asserts itself.

Silver is undervalued as compared to gold. The current sold silver rate is about 70:1 whereas the historic average has been 47:1. The lows have been at 17:1 in 1980.

BMG Silver BullionFund is designed to be the safe haven you expect. It’s actual, vaulted, physical silver, not a paper claim on, or financial derivative of silver bullion. It is also eligible for TFSA, RRSP and RESP investments.

Why Physical Bullion?

BMG Silver BullionFund is built on the same model as BMG BullionFund, which invests in gold, silver and platinum bullion, and BMG Gold BullionFund, which invests exclusively in physical gold bullion.

Physical bullion offers investors the security of allocated, insured bullion  without compromising any of the fundamental attributes of precious metals ownership: immediate liquidity; no reliance on management skills; no counterparty risk, and no use of derivatives, futures, options, leasing, currency hedging or bullion certificates.

BMG Silver BullionFund meets a specific need in the market place for a bullion-only silver fund without the liquidity constraints of a close-end mutual fund.  Bullion in the fund offers the same liquidity as bullion itself.


BMG Silver BullionFund Codes

BMG400: Class A-FE units CDN$

BMG401: Class A-FE units US$

BMG402: Class F units CDN$

BMG403: Class F units US$

BMG430: Class D units CDN$

BMG470: Class D units US$

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This page is not to be construed as a public offering and is subject to more detailed information contained in the Simplified Prospectus and Annual Information Form dated September 26, 2016. For non-residents of Canada units in the Fund are restricted to accredited investors and are offered on an exempt basis in those jurisdictions where they may lawfully be sold. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses may all be associated with mutual fund investments. Fund performance not available for funds with a history of less than one year. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

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