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  • Your electronic Ultimate Optimus Prime figure is a force to be reckoned with. His blasting battle sounds, glowing weapon lights and launching missile sounds let his enemies know they're in trouble!
  • Convert your Optimus trailer to Omega Combat Armor for his big showdowns and extend the wings, flip the Ultimate Super Cannon into place and extend the energy collection panels.
  • Electronic robot warrior figure features lights and sounds, and converts to truck vehicle mode, and back again!
  • Figure comes with trailer that converts to the Omega Combat Armor! Optimus Prime figure fits inside!
  • Your fighter's enemies will be shaking in their boots! When the battle is over, convert your warrior into truck vehicle mode so he can roll right into the next adventure.
  • Features extending wings, an Ultimate Super Cannon that flips into place and extending energy collection panels. Features blasting battle sounds, glowing weapon lights and launching missile sounds!

Dark of the Moon
Ultimate Optimus Prime
  • Ages: Five years and up
  • Requires: Two AA batteries (included); Phillips/cross head screwdriver (not included)
At a Glance:
  • Stands 22 inches tall with extended wingspan
  • Meticulously detailed design is worthy of collectors
  • Trailer transforms into body armor
  • Electronic weapon lights up and creates blasting battle sounds
  • Features Power-Up Mode, Robot Mode, and Trailer Mode

Ultimate Optimus Prime stands 22 inches tall with extended wings. View larger.

Transform Ultimate Optimus Prime from his robot form into a semi-truck.
View larger.
Convert From Truck to Robot

Recommended for ages five and up, Ultimate Optimus Prime is one of the most fully featured action figures you'll find. Initially, Ultimate Optimus Prime appears as a semi-trailer truck in Trailer Mode. With its vivid red and blue finish and distinct racing stripes, Ultimate Optimus Prime's truck form is as detailed and well built as any model truck and would be a perfect addition to a cabinet or dresser top. The truck is able to roll freely on carpet and hard surfaces alike.

Like all Transformers, there is more to Ultimate Optimus Prime's truck form than meets the eye. When it is time for him to come out of disguise and lead his fellow Autobots into battle, he can transform into a massive, powerful robot in Robot Mode. Using Power Mode, the trailer converts into the Omega Combat Armor, allowing Optimus to be placed inside for an impressive 22-inch high stature with extended wings. Equipped with a firing Ultimate Super Cannon and retractable battle mask, Ultimate Optimus Prime is handsomely detailed and articulated, so he's posable.

Advanced Lights and Sounds

Ultimate Optimus Prime can light up and make a variety of sounds. The Ultimax Super Canon features separate buttons to create rocket and plasma firing sounds with coinciding flashing red lights. With a pull of the sliding trigger, the front of the canon opens up for a coordinated burst of lights and sounds, accompanied by the iconic phrase "I am Optimus Prime!"

Challenging Transformation Process

Serious collectors may have some concerns about the figure, particularly his posability. His wrists and waist don't move, limiting his articulation, and some of his joints range from being too stiff to too loose. The Ultimax Super Canon, while impressive in its massive weight and size, makes it difficult to balance Optimus once it's connected to his body and limits his motion. Also, his wings detach frequently, yet are easy to snap back on.

The figure's robot-to-truck conversion is especially difficult to perform, taking up to 30 minutes. Younger children might not be able to transform Optimus Prime on their own. Still, these flaws can be overlooked, given the overall high quality of the toy. For added connectivity, the figure features six Mechtech ports on the highest wings and four on the canon, making it easy to attach separate weapons for enhanced play (sold separately).

About Transformers

The Transformers began as a Hasbro toy line back in 1984, featuring toy vehicles that could transform into robots. The toys soon inspired an entire universe of fictional story lines, pitting the two factions of Transformers--the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons--against one another. A live-action movie based on the Transformers was released in 2007 and has continued the toy line's popularity. With toys such as the Ultimate Optimus Prime Figure, kids can bring home the struggle between the Autobots and Decepticons.

What's in the Box

Ultimate Optimus Prime Figure, trailer, MechTech Weapons System Ultimax Super Cannon, two AA batteries, and instructions.



From the Manufacturer

Over the years, Optimus Prime has proven to be not only a great leader, but also one of the most powerful warriors in the universe. He is trained in the use of almost any weapon, incorporating them into his combat tactics. He is a walking arsenal with unstoppable combat capabilities.

Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime

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