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Overview Performance
As of February 23, 2024, values in USD

BMG Gold BullionFund – Class G9 USD

BMG Gold BullionFund provides a convenient way of buying and holding physical gold in bullion form. BMG Gold BullionFund’s fixed investment policy requires it to purchase only gold and to hold minimum of 95 percent of its assets in bullion. No derivatives, futures contracts, options or certificates are used, and does not rebalance its holdings or attempt to time the market. As a result, its assets are not dependent on anyone’s promise, representation or ability to perform. BMG Gold BullionFund’s assets are not someone else’s liability.

Performance Overview Sheet

Fund Objective

BMG Gold BullionFund is an open-end mutual fund trust that purchases unencumbered gold bullion and stores it on an allocated and insured basis. BMG Gold BullionFund’s objective is to provide a secure, convenient, low-cost, method for investors to hold gold bullion as part of their portfolio for capital preservation, capital appreciation, portfolio diversification and portfolio hedging purposes against the volatility of other investments.

Fund Strategy

No derivatives, futures contracts, options or certificates are used. The maximum cash component is five percent. The fund invests in a responsible manner and adheres to the “criteria for responsible investing.”

Risk Level:

This risk rating of the Fund is in accordance with a standard risk classification methodology based on how the fund’s returns have changed from year to year as a stand-alone investment.

See the Fund’s Simplified Prospectus, for more information about the risk rating and specific risks that can affect the fund’s returns.
The BMG Gold BullionFund is not intended to be a stand-alone investment, and should not represent more than 20% of an investor’s overall total investment portfolio including any other bullion investments. Due to the fact that gold bullion typically has a low correlation to other financial assets, including it as part of a portfolio should generally reduce the portfolio’s volatility and may improve portfolio returns over the long term.

Quick Facts  
Date of Inception June 10, 2010
Net Assets $73,772,401
Assets – Class G9 $1,258,576
MER 1.71%
NAV per unit $12.67
Fund Code* BMG259
CUSIP 09657D207
ISIN CA 09657D2077
*Available in Class A, F, G, E, I. Consult your advisor to determine which class is appropriate for you.

Minimum Investment $5,000
Management Fee 1.25%
Commission up to 5% maximum
Subscription daily
Redemption daily
Fund Type open-end

Back Office  
Auditor RSM Canada LLP
Legal Counsel Miller Thomson LLP
Trustee BMG Management Services Inc.
Custodian Bank of Montreal
Administrator RBC

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