Thigh Guards (Pair), 23" x 69" x 5/8" Body Shields

Motorcycle Accessories,Body Shields Body Shields

  • The Combat Brands Thigh Pads are the newest innovation in training pad technology with revolutionary design allowing for low kicks at maximum force
  • A lace up rear enclosure and a locking nylon waist Velcro strap ensure a secure fit for the trainer
  • Curved design allows for protection over the entire front and outside part of the thigh
  • A full 3" foam core padding protects the user from even the hardest leg kicks
  • This one size fits most pair of thigh guards is with a durable synthetic leather shell

Thigh Guards (Pair), 23" x 69" x 5/8" Thigh Guards (Pair), 23" x 69" x 5/8" Thigh Guards (Pair), 23" x 69" x 5/8"

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